Tax Credits

Tax credits, comprising of Working Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits, are currently being claimed by over of UK families. Should you be one of them?

Working Tax Credits (WTC)

WTC Can be claimed if you are employed or self-employed, entitlement is based on the number of hours you work and how much you earn. Another requirement is that you are single and at least 25 unless you are disabled or are the partner of a disabled person that works, in which case you must be 16. The minimum number of hours you need to work to qualify is 16 and you need to have low earnings.

Child Tax Credits (CTC)

CTC can be claimed by families or single parents with children from birth to 16 years old. If the child remains in full time education at sixth form or a College of Further Education then CTC is claimable until they are 19. Entitlement is based soley on low income, regardless of whether you are working.

The Timing of Claims

A valid claim will only be back-dated to one month prior to application under normal circumstances, this apples even if a a valid could have been made months or even years earlier. If you think you have a valid you should apply NOW to avoid missing out on possibly thousands of pounds each year.

You could be surprised how much income you can have each year and still be eligible to claim tax credits!

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