Preparing book-keeping for your business is extremely important. Not only is it required to comply with the law, it is also a valuable means of keeping track of the progress of your business. Furthermore, in the event of an HMRC enquiry good book-keeping can represent your best line of defence.

Despite its importance very few people actually enjoy doing book-keeping. For many people, the prospect of working hard during the day to earn a crust then coming home to start the book-keeping is very unappealing, particularly if this impinges on valuable social and family time. For this reason, many business owners are recruiting the services of book-keepers to allow them to focus their energy on the activities that generate income or simply to allow them to enjoy more of their social time without worrying about having to ‘do the books’. Unfortunately, good book-keepers can be difficult to find, and poor book-keepers can create more problems than they solve.

At DEB Chartered Accountants we have recognised the needs of our clients and developed systems and technologies to provide the book-keeping support that they need. In addition to preparing simple but effective book-keeping we are able to take things further to produce in-depth management information for those business-owners who need to understand the financial performance in more detail to assist them in making crucial business decisions.

If you are in struggling with your book-keeping or simply fancy off-loading the burden and would like to find out more about the services DEB can offer, please contact us for a free informal meeting.