Free Making Tax Digital Seminars


Making Tax Digital (MTD) will significantly affect all businesses. So what is it all about? Why will it make life difficult for most small business owners?

At DEB we are holding FREE weekly seminars to explain what MTD will mean for our clients. Anyone who is in business is very welcome to come to our offices at DEB House in Carlton, Barnsley, to attend one of these seminars. Just telephone 01226 245824 to book a place.

Are you up to speed with MTD

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Has your accountant told you about MTD yet?  Has it been explained to you the significant changes it will bring? If not, then you need to consider just when are they going to get round to doing this.

Some accountants are in denial and hope that MTD will never happen. There are some that will decide that such a monumental change is a change too far for them, and, as a consequence, may seek early retirement. Some accountants are putting a lot of effort into persuading their clients to adopt the software provider of their choice, be this Xero, Quickbooks Online, or Sage One. For many accountants this is the only solution that they have to offer clients for coping with the problems posed to them by MTD. Some are even compelling their clients to accept their adopted software provider, and are turning away those that they cannot persuade to do so.

Providing you with choice


At DEB we believe in providing our clients with options so that they can choose the one that best meets their needs. Our award winning software, DEB-Book Pro-Active, is purpose built to enable us to relieve clients of the heavy burden of bookkeeping by enabling us to do it for them cost effectively. This will prove invaluable as more and more businesses need us to help them cope with the introduction of MTD.

DEB-on-Air Launch


We will soon be launching Deb-on-Air, our own online bookkeeping software, which we will provide FREE to our clients. This will provide an additional solution for business owners who would like an easier and cheaper solution than that provided by the major online programs, that will enable them to do their own bookkeeping. We will further help clients by providing them with FREE training and FREE setup.

Leading Online Providers


For those who want a solution that provides greater functionality, and who are able to cope with the greater demands and complexity involved with commercial online programs, we have been appointed as the QuickBooks Online Platinum Partner for the Barnsley area, and can offer our clients QBO at lower rates than they would get if they acquired it direct from QuickBooks. We can provide the support to help clients get on board with the online software solution of their choice, whether this is QBO or one of the other leading providers.

Providing the Right Solutions


Regardless of the choice that they make, we can help our clients get up and running with the programs they select to deal with MTD.  At DEB we aim to be at the forefront of online accounting, which undoubtedly is going to be the principle way of doing bookkeeping in the future.

Don’t Get Left Behind


It is important that business owners understand what is expected of them, and when the new changes will apply to them. They need to make a decision soon about the solution that they will use for dealing with MTD. They need to implement their solution of choice as soon as possible and well before they are required to do their quarterly reports to H M Revenue & Customs. Now is the best time to start making these changes.  Make a start by coming to one of our seminars. Telephone 01226 245824.

Don’t Leave it Too Late

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Now is the time for you to take action – don’t leave it until it is too late and you are left with less choice.

If you are a DEB client ensure you attend one of our seminars.  If you are not, then seek advice from your own accountants, or you are also welcome to come to one of our seminars.

If you are not local to DEB then no problem. Online software enables us to deal with clients at distance. Give us a call.