The preparation of your annual accounts is perhaps the most basic service that you would expect an accountant to do for you.They are necessary to negotiate your tax liabilities with H M Revenue & Customs, and, if you are a limited company, for filing with Companies House.

At DEB we feel that your accounts are a starting point for really understanding your business so that you can improve it and make it grow.We want our clients to be actively involved in the accounts that we prepare for them. We want our clients to participate in their preparation.

To enable us to fully explain the key areas of our client’s accounts we have created DEB Accmanager which is purpose designed to enable us to hae an interactive diagnostics,  meeting to discuss their accounts. AccManger is unique to DEB and incorporates many features to pro-actively help our clients.These include an overview of the account, graphs, key indices and many different items of advice relating to each area of the accounts.

AccManager allows us to show our clients the content of each individual accounts heading;  income, expenditure, assets and liabilities, as well as the ability to easily bring up on screen the book-keeping that our clients provide.This enables us to make the accounts real and meaningful, showing how we got from the book-keeping to the draft accounts.

The diagnostic meeting is an inclusive part of our fixed price agreement so you are not faced with surprise bills. In addition all our incorporated clients receive a seven page Accounts Diagnostic Report completely free that provides further analysis and insight into their results over a four year period.

The DEB AccManager meetings enable us to convey a great deal of valuable advice and help to our clients.This is followed up with an extensive DEB Proactive report that provides further emphasis and focus on the issues discussed in the meeting along with further ways that DEB can help them and their business.

Our accounts preparation service incorporates more than most accountants would provide:

  • Free Telephone Advice
  • Free Meetings
  • Accounts and Tax Return Chase up Facility
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Regular Tax Updates on Topical Issues
  • 24/7 Instant Access to Helpful Information and Business Aids
  • Hosting of Your Registered Office
  • Maintenance of Your Statutory Records
  • Completion of Your Annual Return
  • Provision of Dividend Documentation

Having your accounts completed by DEB has a wide range of benefits for any business, to find out how we can help you please do not hesitate to contact us.