Today is going to be a great day for businesses in South Yorkshire as the Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce hold their Awards dinner at Magna.  DEB Chartered Accountants is proud to have been nominated in the Innovation and Technology category along with four other businesses and, whether we win the award or not, are honoured to have been included on the short list along with the others who have been independently identified as having achieved excellence in their business in one form or another.

The same can be said for all the other entrants shortlisted in the other categories, as well as all those who made entries but did not get shortlisted.  As with all awards, there can only be one winner, but that does not detract from the contributions made to Yorkshire business by all the applicants.  All of them can be justifiably proud to have made a difference in their business sector.  The words “proactive” and “innovative” and such like are readily used by many businesses to describe themselves.  However, it is only those that do something to be proactive and innovative that can make such claims with sincerity.

No doubt the winners of each category will receive due appreciation and publicity for their achievements.  And we commend all those that are deserved of such acclaim.  However, we feel that all the applicants should be commended and that their story should also be told.  We at DEB would definitely like to hear your story as we feel that a lot can be learned for your own advantage from listening to the success stories of others.  If any of the applicants are willing, we should be most grateful if they would email us a copy of their applications for the awards to   Whilst self praise is not really valid praise, praise does have validity when conveyed by others.  Subject to your approval, we would like to edit these into a book so that the benefits of the vision of the exceptional businesses that have applied may be passed on to others.

We have created a new group on Linked-in called “Excellence in Yorkshire Business” and would invite all that have achieved a degree of “excellence” within their business to apply for membership.  The objective of the group is to enable like-minded people to meet in a non-sales environment to listen to, and benefit from, the great things that have been achieved.  Subject to sufficient demand we would like to hold periodic meetings for members at DEB House in Barnsley to enable them to actually meet.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate, not only all the award winners, but all the entrants that have done great things in their business.  Please come tonight armed with your business cards and seek out my wife Janice and I, both of whom would be delighted to meet you and listen to the wonderful things that you have done in your own businesses.

We are looking forward to hopefully meeting you this evening and, no doubt to a great night out.

David Edwards-Brown
DEB Chartered Accountants