It is again time for entries for the British Accountancy Awards – a year seems to be go by ever so quickly! DEB Chartered Accountants , aspiring to be the leading firm of accountants in Barnsley, has been extremely successful in the last two years in getting to the finals in no less than three different award categories.

DEB director David Edwards-Brown says “It is important that we let DEB be judged by the most prominent judging panels, and against the toughest competition in the country, to see how far we have come in creating a better service for our clients. By getting to the finals of business awards, particularly the British Accountancy Awards, we gain external confirmation of excellence in what we have achieved, and the direction in which we are heading”.

In 2013 DEB was the only independent firm from Yorkshire in the North of England division of the awards. In 2014 it was Yorkshire’s sole representative in the division covering both North of England and Scotland. As a measure of the quality of the competition that DEB faced, it is worth noting that the winners of both divisions also went on to win the award for being the top firm in the whole of the UK. Whilst it was disappointing not to win the award, it was extremely pleasing to be competing at such a level, and on both occasions, to only lose out to the best firm in the country.

Last year was an extremely successful year as DEB picked up an award at the Barnsley & Rotherham Business Awards held at the Barnsley Metrodome in November. It was great to get recognition at a national level, but it was perhaps more rewarding to be successful in our home town awards. We are hoping that 2015 will be equally as good, if not better than last year.