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Financial Forecasting

Financial forecasting can be of great importance to your business. If you don't know where you are going how can you hope to get to where you want to be? Financial forecasting can be a great way to consider the future progress of your business because it makes you consider the financial impact of uncertain future events and opportunities which may befall your business during the coming year. Financial forecasts are also often necessary when approaching lending institutions with business borrowing requirements.

Using DEB Forecaster, our in-house developed forecasting software, we can produce comprehensive reports showing how anticipated future events will impact upon your business's sales, profitability, cash position and assets/liabilities over the next 12 months. We can also flex the reports to show how sensitive key figures in the reports, such as your anticipated profit and bank balance, are effected by other key variables such as anticipated sales. This effectively provides you with a number of different forecasted outcomes ranging from the best to the worst case scenarios (see below for a small extract of an example report).

DEB Forecaster forms an integral part of our extensive system which assists you in setting targets and goals, recording the actual results and analysing them in comparison to your targets. Via regular meetings we can help you review your progress and improve future performance and achieve better results.

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