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Accounts Preparation

The preparation of accounts is generally the principle thing that accountants do for their clients and is of great importance. Accounts are needed to work out your tax liability but perhaps more importantly they provide a valuable insight in to how your business is doing. They also provide the necessary information to enable you to improve your business performance and plan for the future.

At DEB we recognise the importance of good accounts and want our clients to be involved in the preparation of their accounts so that they can identify the key figures and understand their significance. We do this by means of our innovative in-house software program ‘AccManager’.

AccManager has been purposely designed to control the process of preparing our clients’ accounts. Part of this process involves a diagnostic meeting to discuss the key numbers and ratios in the accounts. As well as resolving queries that are relevant to the completion of the accounts, we also look to offer pro-active advice and help on any significant issues that arise. AccManager enables us to follow the trail from the figures in both the Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet back to your book-keeping, so that each figure in the accounts can be carefully considered and discussed.

Following your agreement of the accounts, and their successful lodgement with both Companies House and HMRC, we provide an Accounts Diagnostic Report for incorporated clients, which provides a graphical summary of the last four years in order to highlight key trends. This report explains how the profit in your accounts has been deployed in your business, and deals with a number of ‘what if?’ scenarios to provide you with a greater understanding of your financial position.

Where appropriate, we also provide a Proactive Report to advise you of any important points that were raised and discussed during the diagnostic meeting. This will ensure that these important matters are again brought to your attention so that any beneficial action points can be implemented.

Whether you operate as a sole-trader, a partnership or a limited company, DEB has a wealth of experience in the preparation of financial statements that comply with the ever-changing statutory requirements and are committed to providing a value-for-money service.

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