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Tutorial Videos

We are more than happy at DEB to help with any of your queries by phone, email or in person but sometimes it can be difficult to explain how to do things, especially by telephone. Therefore we have created a number of tutorial videos in an attempt to offer simple, concise guides to help with things a number of clients have contacted us about. If you would prefer to speak to us then of course we are still here, we just want to offer a range of solutions so you can pick the best for you! You can find the full roster of our videos on our youtube channel and this contains all our tutorial videos and much more. If you subscribe you will be notified whenever we upload new, hopefully interesting, content! Videos will be added regularly on a range of topics, so watch this space! If you would like to return to the Video Homepage please click here.

Sending a File Via DEB-Connect

DEB-Connect, our purpose built client communication system, isn't just a one way street. It allows you to send files to us instantly which could save you time and money if you would have to post it or drop it off otherwise. We have ensured that it is more secure than standard email and as such this is a great way to send us information.

This video will run through how.

Approving a File on DEB-Connect

One of the features we thought was essential when we were developing DEB-Connect was the ability for our clients to be able to approve documents we upload for them quickly and easily.

Using your 10 digit digital signature (please contact us if you do not have yours) you can quickly log in and approve files such as year end accounts and tax returns. This will immediately inform us that you agree with the information in the file and want us to proceed with the next step. This is a significant improvement on before as we would have required you to come to us to sign the document or suffer delays caused by using the post.

This video will explain how to approve your documents but if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.